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Level 2: Human Factors
Expert-led live two-day accredited programme to develop knowledge and skills in driver psychology and behaviour​.

The programme is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) to develop competencies on the fundamental Human Factors principles that lead to error and impacts on road user behaviour. Whether it’s to design a behavioural intervention in your workplace, to develop a new approach to driver coaching, or to support your clients in understanding the Human Factors in road risk management, Level 2 will help you acquire the insights, knowledge and skills to support your role in road safety. 

Who should attend?

This two-day, live online course is designed for a diverse range of road safety professionals wishing to understand road user psychology and behaviour. The course is regularly attended by Safety Health and Environment Managers, Fleet Risk Managers, Motor Risk Insurance Managers and brokers, Roads Policing professionals involved in managing road risk, Emergency Fire and Rescue and ambulance NHS Trust personnel, Road Collision Investigators, Driving Instructors and Driver Coaches.

Course Aim

The Level 2 course aims to develop your knowledge and skills in road user psychology and behaviour. 

Why should you attend?

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Provides you with human factors skills to improve road safety

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Builds your human factors knowledge to develop evidence-based interventions.

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Develops confidence in addressing road user psychology and behaviour 

“I head up The Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention team at National Highways. We’ve recently recieved the Human Factors and Road Risk Management training provided by PsyDrive and lead by Lisa Dorn. What a useful and thought-provoking course! Plenty of discussion and learnings helping us better understand the role of Human Factors on road behaviours. Very highly recommended.”

Mark Cartwright FCILT MARRM MAFP 

Head of Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention - National Highways

Level 2: Course Structure and Content

Module One: Motivation

This module describes the main characteristics and theories of motivation to understand road user behaviour. The module considers internal and external motives and how reinforcement and punishment play an important role in behavioural change. You will learn the pitfalls of conflicting motives and how to motivate safer road use.

Module Two: Emotion

Emotions are an innate and acquired predisposition to respond to certain internal and external events that relate to important goals or motives. This module aims to evaluate the impact of emotions on road user behaviour focusing on driver anger and anxiety. Techniques and strategies for managing road user emotions are presented and evaluated. 

Module Three: Stress

Stress involves changes affecting nearly every system of the body, influencing how people think, feel, and behave. Work stress, life stress and the stress of driving can have a major impact on road user behaviour and health. This module aims to describe how stress can increase road risk and approaches to manage stress will be evaluated.

Module Four: Individual Differences

Individual differences are relatively enduring psychological characteristics including personality, attitudes and cognitive biases that determine our responses to situations. This module explores how people differ and how to assess the characteristics that can influence behavioural change.

Module Five: Behavioural Change

Road safety interventions are often designed without reference to behavioural theory and focus on developing skills and knowledge rather than use behavioural change approaches. This module covers the groundwork for the design of a behavioural change intervention, using evidence-based models and techniques.

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PsyDrive - Human Factors & Road Risk Management

Course Fee


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Accreditation and Certification

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The course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) as a professional member organisation providing a route to Chartership for Human Factors specialists and Ergonomists. Delegates complete short exercises and a multiple choice assessment and will be awarded a CIEHF accredited certificate on completion. 

How to book your place

We run the Human Factors and Road Risk Management accredited course regularly throughout the year and up to 12 places are available on each course. You can book your place on the dates below using the PsyDrive booking form here.


New dates can be requested for bookings of 10+ delegates using the booking form. A 10% discount applies. 

Level 2 available dates are: 

23rd to 24th May 2024

10th to 11th July 2024

Contact us for further dates

On receipt of your booking form, an invoice or PayPal link will be issued to your email address. The course fee must be paid at least ten working days before the start of the course. Once payment is received your place(s) will be confirmed along with your invite details and course materials. ​

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