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Specialist provider of accredited training for road safety professionals, research, assessment and interventions for improved road safety.

PsyDrive has a well-established Human Factors capability with a network of associates to ensure your project and training is delivered according to your requirements. The collective expertise and experience of our consultants has been built into our online CPD courses covering the latest thinking in road risk management. ​

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Book here to study Level 1 Human Factors in Road Risk Management. Topics include Safe Systems, Human Error, Human Performance, Fatigue and Workload and Road Risk Management.


Level 2

Book here to to study Level 2 Human Factors and Road Risk Management. Topics include Motivation, Emotion, Stress, Individual Differences and Behavioural Change.

Reasons to choose Psydrive:

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Our services are delivered by highly qualified and experienced traffic psychologists.

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Our solutions and courses are developed using the latest evidence in managing road risk.

We provide highly specialised research and online training services for the private and public sector.

Our online Human Factors and Road Risk Management CPD course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

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PsyDrive has the expertise.

“I feel privileged to have worked closely with professionals across the private and public sector to improve road safety for the last 30 years. Playing a lead role in research and designing interventions to improve road user behaviour has given me a unique combination of skills to help a wide range of clients”

Lisa Dorn | Founder, PsyDrive Group 

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