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*Driving Insights is a new perspective on understanding fleet driver behaviour based on 30 years’ experience in the field. Driving Insights has been scientifically developed to capture key factors that predict driver behaviour. Driving Insights is unique in considering how safety culture influences driver behaviour using validated scales.

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Why is driver profiling important?

  • For recruiting safer drivers.

  • To analyse the impact of safety perceptions on driver behaviour.

  • To profile your fleet risks by assessing the behaviours that impact on your safety culture.

  • To understand key influences on a driver’s decisions.

How is the driver profiling data managed?

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Set up

We set up your company profile defining locations and departments so you can instantly generate reports from your drivers’ data.

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Track progress from a single dashboard that shows invites, real-time activity, completion, and response statistics.

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Access the intelligent timeline to keep you informed about fleet driver behaviour.

How is driver profiling used to improve fleet safety?

As a context for:

  • Interpreting telematic data

  • Analysing incidents and collisions

  • Coaching individual drivers

How does it work?

  • We host the DrivingInsights platform online. 

  • Your drivers answer key questions – there are no right or wrong answers.

  • Our scientifically based algorithm uses this data to generates a driver profile. 

  • You’ll get access to all your data via our simple yet powerful portal dashboard.

  • Data can be reviewed for individuals, divisions, and your entire fleet.

  • Set up alerts to identify non-compliance.

  • Use reports to identify drivers that need additional support and training.

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What are the benefits?

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Profile key factors associated with at-work road risk.

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Reduce your crash rates by implementing a targeted fleet risk management programme.

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Highlight key areas for fleet safety improvement. 

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Demonstrate your duty of care compliance. 

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Segment data by division or cost centre.

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Feedback profile reports to drivers to develop behavioural insights.

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*DrivingInsights has been developed by Dr Lisa Dorn, a world-leading academic expert in traffic safety with over 30 years’ experience working with fleet-based organisations to assess driver risk. 

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